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GREATER VERMONT is a photographic essay on life and living in Vermont. By using a variety of photographic genres including documentary, portraiture, street photography and video, the images and stories chronicle how we live, what we are doing, and the unique character of Vermont. It is an anthropological and documentary study of people and communities throughout the state, and the story of modern life influenced by hundreds of years of history.

A special thank you to all who have have participated in Greater Vermont and agreed to share your stories about your life and experiences here.

GREATER VERMONT is an on-going social media and multi-platform art work appearing simultaneously on these dedicated sites:, Instagram, Facebook and You Tube. New images and stories will be added regularly on all platforms so come back and see what is happening.

SUSAN WEISS is a documentary photographer and her work explores the issues of personal identity and the psycho-social landscape of contemporary culture. She continues to be interested in the projects of humanitarian workers throughout the world. Her on-going project, Humanity in the Modern World features work  in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, Lesbos, and Moldova. You can see her work at and on Instagram @susanweissart.

All photographs and videos created by Susan Weiss.

Strawberry Picking
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